Millions of people in the Asian region depend on fisheries for a living,
and the sector is a major source of food security, employment, income and foreign exchange.

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Day 1: Monday, 7 May 2007


Inaugural session

Cambodian National Anthem
Ms Nalini Nayak, Member, ICSF

Introduction to Symposium
Dr John Kurien, Coordinator, Animation Team, ICSF

Inaugural Speech
HE Nao Thouk, Director General, Fisheries and Adminstration of the Ministry of Agriculture, Foresty and Fisheries, Cambodia

Keynote Address
Artisanal and Small-scale Fisheries Management Regimes in Asia: Possible Options towards Responsible Fisheries
Keynote address of Dr Ichiro Nomura, Assistant Director General , Fisheries and Aquaculture Department, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, Rome, Italy to be delievered by Mr Rolf Willmann, Senior Fisheries Planning Officer, Fisheries Development Planning Service, Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, FAO, Rome, Italy

Vote of Thanks
Mr Pisit Charnsnoh, President Yadfon Association, Thailand and Member, ICSF

09:45-10:15hrs Statement from Workshop
10:15-10:45hrs Tea

Chair: Dr Blake Ratner, Regional Director, Greater Mekong, WorldFish Centre

Establishing Rights of Small-scale fishing communities to Coastal and Inland Fisheries Resources in Cambodia
Mr Ly Vuthy, Chief of Community Fisheries Development, Fisheries Administration, RGC


Chair: Dr Yasuhisa Kato, Special Advisor, SEAFDEC
Panel Discussion I: Recognizing Rights of Fishing Communities in Policy and Practice for Responsible Fisheries and Coastal Area Management:

Government representatives from South-east Asia

13:00-14:30hrs Lunch

Chair: Harekrishna Debnath, Chairperson, National Fishworkers' Forum, India

Panel Discussion II: Recognizing Rights of Fishing Communities in Policy and Practice for Responsible Fisheries and Coastal Area Management

Government representatives from South Asia

15:45-16:15hrs Tea

Chair: David Thomson, Team Leader, Tonle Sap Environmental Management Project, Project Support Office (TSEMP-PS)

Panel Discussion III: Linking Rights of Fishing Communities with Responsible Fisheries and Coastal Area Management: The Technical, Legal and Financial Challenges

Representatives of Multilateral, Intergovernmental and International Organizations