Millions of people in the Asian region depend on fisheries for a living,
and the sector is a major source of food security, employment, income and foreign exchange.

Day 2: Friday, 4 May 2007

08:00-10:30hrs Chair: Ho Thi Yen Thu, Programme Manager, Centre for Marinelife Conservation and Community Development (MCD), Vietnam
Presentation of group reports
10:30 -11:00hrs Tea
11:00-11:45hrs Chair: Mr. Eng Cheasan, Deputy Director, Fisheries Adminstration, RGC, and Chief of Project Implementation Office of the FAO-TSEMP, Cambodia

Integrating Fishing Community and Fisheries Concerns into Coastal Management Initiatives and Policies in Asia: Present Situation and Possible Ways Foreward
Magnus Torell, Senior Adviser, SEAFDEC, Bangkok,Thailand
11:45-12:30hrs Chair: Mudammad Adli Abdullah, Paglima Laot, Aceh, Indonesia
Rights to coastal and fisheries resources: A gender perspective
Nalini Nayak, Member of ICSF, India and Duangkamol Sirisook, Sustainable Development Foundation, Thailand
12:30-13:30hrs Lunch
13:30-17:30hrs Group Discussions (on policies/approaches needed for fisheries and coastal management, to factor in concerns, interests, and rights and responsibilities of fishing communities)