Millions of people in the Asian region depend on fisheries for a living,
and the sector is a major source of food security, employment, income and foreign exchange.

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Technical Working Group on Fisheries, Cambodia

Theme(s) : Fishworker Organizations/Non governmental Organizations.


The Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) has developed the national policy and planning framework through Rectangular Strategy in July 2004, Cambodia Millennium Development Goals (CMDG), and the National Poverty Reduction Strategy (NPRS). On the 16 July 2004 the Prime Minister instructed all line agencies to prepare a matrix of its development action plan based on RGC political reform. The Fisheries Administration has established a Technical Working Group on Fisheries (TWGF) in the late of 2004 in response to a call from the Prime Minister for improved coordination across sectors. These TWGs now form an integral part of the RGC's Action Plan for Harmonisation and Alignment 2004-2008. The TWGF is assisted by a Secretariat who provides managerial and technical advice, and logical assistance to support and facilitate mandate fulfillments.



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